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Small Wind Turbine

Site Assessment

Anemometer / Data Logger Package

Solar Powered

Zigbee RF Communication

Collects One Second Wind Data

Estimates Performance & Payback

Low cost Starting at $750

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Are you thinking about installing a small wind turbine at your home, farm or ranch?

Experts agree - it's best to Measure the Wind before you install a turbine.

The New England wind map tells the story.

Coastal areas, islands and mountain tops are generally good (pink thru red), but most areas are white (poor wind resource).

You could invest thousands of dollars on a wind turbine that may not make economic sense.

Why gamble?

An Wireless Wind Monitor is a reliable, inexpensive way to measure the wind resource at your site.

Home weather stations are just not good enough because they record average wind speed. As wind turbines generate power according to the CUBE of the wind speed, short periods of high wind will generate much more power than long periods of low wind - even though both may show the same AVERAGE wind speed.

Wireless Wind Monitors:

  • Save large quantities of data for download (2 Megabytes of internal memory)
  • Use real wind turbine models for accurate energy estimation
  • Calculate histograms & statistical wind distribution parameters (Weibull parameters)
  • Are easy to install and use
  • Are solar-powered - they give you a solar energy assessment as well!
  • Use a Zigbee wireless link to your computer

We use Davis Instruments anemometers (wind speed) and wind direction sensors.

For simple site assessment we use a single anemometer head.

Multiple Wind Monitors can be used to measure the wind profile (how wind speed changes height)


The Wireless Wind Monitor measures wind speed

and direction data every second and stores wind

statistics once per minute. This is an example of

one day of stored data.

No one wants to have to analyze 86,400 data points every day - so we make it easy.

The Wind Monitor also calculates Histogram data (wind speed sorted into "bins")

It also compiles a daily "Wind Power Rose" showing the wind direction where all the wind energy is coming from.

OurWindWorks Software downloads and analyzes the one-minute

wind speed data, calculating turbine output power using the

manufacturer's Power Curve and other turbine information.

(The power curve here is for a 1kW machine)

Finally, we help you determine the economic feasibility of wind power at your site.

The economic analysis tool uses information about electricity rates, state and federal renewable energy incentives, and financial data such as interest and inflation rates.

We translate your wind data into the likely payback time for a turbine at your location. 

The software allows you to change assumptions so you can examine questions like these. 

Electric Rate (c/kWh)
Simple Payback (years)

We hope that your wind site has a five year payback!

Even if it doesn't, investing in a wind turbine may still be a good decision.

Wind power doesn't pollute, never changes in price and is delivered daily to your door.

Some investments, such as the legacy we leave for future generations,

cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

If you do install a wind-turbine, your Wireless Wind Monitor can keep on working, verifying proper performance and energy production.

This photograph shows an Wireless Wind Monitor on a 20 ft test tower, with our SkyStream 3.7 wind turbine in the background.

To learn about SkyStream wind turbines, please go to

The Wireless Wind Monitor sells for $750 and includes:

A Davis Wind Speed and Direction Sensor with 40 ft of pre-wired sensor cable.
The Wireless Data Logger. Ready to run. Just plug in the Davis wind speed/direction sensor. Includes mounting hardware for standard tower sizes.
Zigbee Communications Adapter. Plugs into computer USB port.

Software for your PC. Mac Software is not available yet, but we are working on it!

Instruction manual
Patient, helpful customer service

In addition, you will need a tower kit.

40 ft tower kit Fiberglass 40 ft telescopic tower - $250
tower guy kit nylon guys, stakes and attachment hardware - $50
Higher.. Coming soon

Installation, including erecting the tower, is an easy afternoon project.

For more information, including shipping costs please email us at:

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Box 48 , Temple , NH 03084

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Complete Solutions for Small Wind Turbine Site Assessment